Daemonite Geoff Bowers talks Docker with LocalhostFM

Following on from LocalhostFMs recent podcast on Docker, Geoff Bowers (CEO) was invited to explain how Daemon is using Docker and why it’s next big thing in solution architecture. A good overview of how we use Docker and why we think it will become more and more prevalent as tooling improves.

Conveniently available on SoundCloud:

Also available on Youtube:

Funnily enough, one of the things I said was most needed in the Docker community was an official approach to secrets. Barely a week after I did the podcast and Docker unveils Docker Secrets Management :whale:

We are still a little ways off moving from “traditional” node clusters to Docker Swarms in production. But now we have a chance to integrate secrets management into our daily workflow we’ll be pushing a little harder to get up and running: