Material: Documentation etc

First up great job with Material so far. It looks terrific and the UI is very smooth. I’m contemplating moving from Twitter Bootstrap to Material Design for the UI in an app I’m developing, Clibu So I’m looking at the various MD implementations in order to make some rational choice about which one to use.

What are your plans for Documentation for Material? All I can see now is some nice demo’s but no doc’s.

I see you use a variety of other libs and that Material seems to be built on Bootstrap V3 or uses chunks of it. In an earlier question about grids you answered that this is done with tiles, however looking at your this uses the Bootstrap Grid, so I’m a bit confused.

Do you see that Material is ready to be used in an app, or are there still breaking changes, quality issues, missing functionality etc.?

Keep up the great work. It is terrific to see this coming from fellow Oz developers.


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Definitely need docs beyond grokking the source. For the moment we’re just building out what we use day to day for clients rather than focusing on making something delicious for the general public. We’ve been surprised by the interest as we haven’t promoted the project in any way.

Once we have a bit of spare time we’ll see if we can’t flesh things out with some more approachable documentation.

I think this was in response to a request for tables and ui grid elements, rather than the underlying layout grid – which does indeed use Bootstrap.

We use the UI library daily with a variety of clients. The vast majority of changes going into the code base are a direct response from clients for more features. At this stage if we’re about to introduce breaking changes we’ll tag a release before hand.

There’s a few change requests coming through for things like Meteor support. We have a pull request and once we merge those changes we’ll likely tag a 1.0 release.