Navigation bars does not show on click for Wordpress


I discovered the Daemonite Material repo’ on Github. I decided to play with it and to do some templates for websites. I’m trying to adapt Daemonite with in a Wordpress.


For now, I’m able to display my own css and Javascript but when I’m trying to open the left nav nothing is poping out. I’m getting an error with the base.min.js with Uncaught TypeError: $ is not a function.
Basically it’s an issue from jQuery when we try to use $ instead of jQuery.


  • Does someone already tried to adapt this repo with Wordpress and get through this ?
  • Have you any tips / tricks to get rid of this issue and display the right and left navbar ?

Hi @Ugarz

This is probably has been solved in the latest Material as the base.js no longer includes a copy of jQuery (jQuery is still needed but is loaded separately).

If you are still having the same issue after update Material to the latest version, you may need to check this page out:

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