Secrets From the Folks Who Make the Official Lucee CFML Docker Images, with Geoff Bowers

Caught up with Michael after the cf.Objective() conference to talk Docker and other things…

Geoff Bowers talks about “Secrets from the folks who make the official Lucee CFML Docker images” in this episode of ColdFusion Alive podcast with host Michael Smith.

Episode highlights

  • Secrets from the folks who make the official Lucee Docker images
    – Treat your servers like cattle and not pets – throw old server away and instantiate a new clean one
    – Much faster server spin up (seconds)
    – Much easier server setup and programmable install
    – Continuous delivery ⇒ more confidence at rolling out code changes
    – Dev → stage → production
  • CF DevOps Tips
    – Version control of server instances
    – No more running server upgrades or patches for CF, the JVM, the OS, the DB – pull a new Docker image and create a fresh server
    – Programmatically server config
    – Orchestration of server clusters
    – High availability by having 2+ containers in different data centers (on AWS)
    – Checkbox for MySQL replication (and read replicas)
    – “Infrastructure on demand”
    – Paying by the minute (auto shut down staging server at night and weekends to save 50% on your AWS costs
    – Security scanning of docker images
  • Converting to Docker
    – No writing files locally → CDN or other shared location
    – 5 day convert to Docker Daemon consulting
  • Why Serverless is cool.
    – Spaghetti server architecture
    – Lasagna layers
    – Ravioli micro services
  • What new apps are you building in Lucee CFML
    – University private video hosting
    – AWS transcoding service
    – Queue + auto scaling of servers
    – 16 TB of data
    – High availability infrastructure
  • Tricks to migrating legacy ACF to Lucee CFML
  • How he started WebDU and why they consciously chose to close it after a 10 year run.
  • What did you enjoy at CFObjective?
  • How did you come up with the name Daemon and @modius?
  • Daemon (is pronounced Demon in the US) like Encyclopaedia / Haemoglobin
  • Why are you proud to use CFML?
  • WWIT to make CF more alive this year?

Just had a quick trip down memory lane and listened to this again.

Looks like we promised to have an Alpine Linux base image for Lucee soonish… Yikes, it’s been 6 months @justin

Remind me to set aside some time for us to work on this :wink: